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Green Energy UK

About Us

A business with a difference

We are not like other green energy providers. We challenge the idea that ‘being green’ is all about making a big commitment, about making an extra effort, and paying extra costs.

Indeed, companies often talk about green energy as an ‘alternative’. On the contrary, green energy makes sense for everyone, and we want to make it mainstream.

So, our prices are competitive not only within the green market, but also the entire utilities industry. By minimising the cost and effort it takes to switch, we aim to remove all obstacles to going green.

And because we want to give you even more reason to switch, we allow our customers to become shareholders for free.

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Put simply: we do care about the environment, but we are not idealists with our heads in the clouds. We are down to earth, in every sense.

Customer Promise

Here at Green Energy UK we aim to give you the best possible standards of customer service. Our goal is not simply to have satisfied customers; we want delighted ones!

We think you deserve great service not just from us but also from the electricity distributors who form part of the energy network. We have therefore set out the minimum standards you can expect from us both in our Customer Promise.

At Green Energy UK, our aim is to always exceed these targets but in the rare event that we don’t, we – or the electricity distributors – will pay you compensation.

Sharing our business

Here at Green Energy UK, we make you part of our business for free. For no cost whatsoever, you are entitled to shares. Why’s that, I hear you ask? Well, it may sound crazy, but this is our way of rewarding our customers for choosing to go green.

And not just that – we want our customers to be more than mere consumers, but instead to take an active role in shaping their energy supply. As shareholders, every one of you is invited to tell us your thoughts at our AGM, and you’ll also be able to get updates on how we’re doing financially. No corporate smoke and mirrors here, but an open and honest approach to doing business.

Environmental policy

Green Energy (UK) plc is committed to:

  • Increase the use of green electricity.
  • Minimise energy use wherever possible.
  • Continual improvement on environmental issues where economically feasible.
  • Control the activities of the company to minimise risk of pollution to the environment.
  • Minimise the production of waste where possible and any disposal of waste produced will be carried out with due care for the environment.
  • Minimise the use of new products where other recycled materials are a suitable substitute.
  • Make every effort to ensure that where waste materials or products can be recycled they are recycled in an environmentally responsible way in order to conserve resources.
  • Ensure that our operations comply with or exceed current legislation and other relevant requirements.
  • Be a responsible employer and neighbour.
  • Ensure that all employees carry out their duties in line with the above statement and, through training, are aware of their obligations.
  • Minimise the use of mobile phones and monitor existing use.
  • Compile and keep publicly available this Company Environmental Policy.

Specific actions:

  • We use 100% renewable electricity
  • Virtually every sheet of A4 is used twice before recycling
  • Low energy light bulbs are in use wherever possible
  • We recycle our printer cartridges wherever possible
  • We communicate with our customers and shareholders via email
  • We use public transport wherever possible and practical
  • We do not run company cars
  • We are founder members of Trucost