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LoCO2 Energy

About Us

LoCO2 Energy is an independent, family-run British renewable energy and low-carbon electricity supplier.

We were founded in 2009 but we have been active in the renewable energy industry for more than a decade (you can read more about our history elsewhere).

We’re a young company with a fresh approach to providing electricity. We believe energy should be green, cheap and delivered with prompt and cheerful customer service.

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Not only this but, through our sister business TLS Hydro, we own and operate our own hydropower stations throughout the UK.

Working in the electricity industry, we noticed that customers were given two broad choices: opt for dirt-cheap brown electricity and put up with poor customer service; or pay a king’s ransom for green energy from an independent supplier.

Spotting an obvious gap in the market, we decided we could offer sensibly priced renewable electricity with an excellent customer service ethic.

Our three renewable electricity tariffs finally offer the choice to match your environmental concerns to your budget.

Electricity supply is a fundamental part of everyone’s life. It can also be complicated and stressful. If you need further reassurance, then call us on 0845 074 3601 or drop us an email.

LoCO2 Energy History

Dr Anthony Robert (Bob) Middleton, Chief Executive of LoCO2 Energy has spent most of his career in the gas and electricity industry, previously holding positions at BP and Eastern Electricity.

In 1997, he founded the group of companies that now comprises TradeLink Solutions Ltd. Bob wanted to take his in-depth knowledge of the electricity industry and apply it to the renewable energy sector as a consultant and energy trader.

In 1999, Bob set up TLS Hydro, a hydropower development company, and bought a ramshackle old hydro facility at Balgonie, eastern Scotland. Since then, TLS Hydro has grown, building, renovating and buying more hydro-electric facilities through the UK.

LoCO2 Energy was set up in 2009. By incorporating LoCO2 Energy, Bob has created a vertically integrated group of companies that generate, trade and sell renewable electricity. The LoCO2 Energy team is highly skilled and knowledgeable with experience in both the renewable energy and retail electricity sectors.

This means that you are in the very best hands when it comes to needing advice about switching to a renewable and low-carbon electricity supplier.

Our customer service promise

The electricity industry is riddled with poor customer service.

Everyone at LoCO2 Energy has been a customer of an electricity supplier. We have first-hand experience of where things go wrong. Below are just a few examples we came up with:

  • Long waits to speak to people
  • Endless navigation options on touch-tone phones
  • Feckless call-centre employees
  • Barrages of confusing electricity industry jargon
  • Unfair direct debits with customers building up large credits with their suppliers; or very low direct debits and sudden unexpected requests for hundreds of pounds.
  • Inaccurate and/or confusing bills

So when we sat down and talked through how our new renewable electricity company would work, customer service was at the top of the list.

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Our customer service promises to you are:

  • When you call, you will speak to a member of the team at the heart of the business straight away. We run no call centres and you will reach our offices immediately.
  • Many of our customers will get to know the customer service team by name and often ask for a particular person.
  • No touch tone navigation. When we answer, our expert team will deal with your call on a case-by-case basis
  • We will explain any industry jargon. We have a no-nonsense approach.
  • You can raise or lower the direct debit as you see fit and we will be happy to issue you a cheque or do a bank transfer if you build up a credit. Our direct debits are otherwise set by an annual average.
  • Crystal clear bills. We have invested a great deal in our new billing software. It’s so good, we’ve unofficially dubbed it the ‘magic software’. Nonetheless, each bill is checked by a person to make sure it makes sense.